What is an expert witness?

It begins with laying the foundation, testifying about the expert’s credentials and experience that qualifies him/her as an expert.

An expert witness has a depth of knowledge beyond that of the common practitioner, enabling him/her to offer testimony about an issue that requires specialized expertise to fully understand. An expert witness is allowed to give “opinion testimony” which a non-expert witness may be prohibited from testifying to.

John is an expert in Saint Louis County, Saint Charles County, & the Chancery Court of Delaware.

Other CPA firms refer clients to John because they may have an internal conflict within with their own organization. John performs expert witness work on behalf of other providers without fear of compromising the existing relationship. Their client will still be their client after the testimony. As an expert witness, John is not interested in acquiring additional clients for tax or accounting services.

“A lot of other CPA firms refer clients to me because it’s a conflict within their organization. I go in and just do that specific job. I don’t want their accounting or tax work. I’m just working on that particular item.”

Whether you are a start-up, emerging business or have a long history, let me show you how easy this process, initial set-up, or transition can be.

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