Valuation Expert Services

When would you hire a Valuation Expert?

  • You own a business and are getting DIVORCED.
  • You want to plan ahead and transfer ownership of a company to your children or grandchildren – estate planning and gift tax purposes.
  • You are in the middle of a litigation involving a partnership dispute, lost profits, business interruption, breach of contract or patent infringement.

Basically if you are dealing with the court system or the IRS you need a valuation expert or someone with experience providing expert witness testimony in court.


Mergers & Acquisitions – Valuation Services

Valuation, Tax and Cash Flow Analysis for Sale Purposes

John Placht can provide consulting and valuation services to assist individuals or partners in the middle of contemplating the sale of their business. He can also analyze the after-tax cash flow from the sale.

Getting started

Here are some of the steps to working with John to develop a valuation and plan for the sale of your company:

  • X
  • Y
  • Z

Whether you are a start-up, emerging business or have a long history, let us show you how easy this initial set-up or transition can be.

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